About us


1992 – foundation of the company on base of Ķekavas PMK Woodworking Unit, the company acts as sawmill. Investments in drying kilns, drilling and planing.
1997 – switching from production of timber products to higher added value products. Investments in drying kilns, drilling and planing machines.
Location – 15 km distance from the capital city Riga.
The company Teiko Ltd offers high quality products for construction and furniture industries customers from business and private sector. Main product groups are furniture details made of hardwood and softwood, sawn timber, planed timber, accreted boards, planks and beams made of spruce.
Almost all production is exported to EU countries.

Technology and Equipment

Teiko Ltd for production uses various specific machines and equipment – 4 drying kilns, band saws, different cross saws, plane, sand, drilling, mill and  inger jointing machines, gluing press etc.. Wood grade is possible after English BS – 4978 or German
DIN 4074-1, S10 standards or special terms.